About Our Company

Ludo Bheem is an online ludo gaming platform in India. Fantasy Khiladi (Ludo Bheem) started its journey in 2020. The unique and innovative ludo game offered by Ludo Bheem has been successful in connecting with its rapidly expanding customer base. Our website and apps on Google Play and the Apple Store are becoming more well-known on a global scale, attracting players and fans of the games online. Ludo Bheem is a skill-based ludo game that lets players use their gaming expertise to earn money. We always make sure that playing at Ludo tables goes as smoothly as possible for our users. Users can compete against real players in a wide range of Ludo modes, including popular, classical, timer, etc., and have a chance to win various prizes.

Our goal is to provide our players the best Ludo Bheem gaming platform while also creating a community based on Ludo where individuals may exchange ideas. We currently only support Ludo, but we'll soon expand our bandwidth to include additional games. Our goals are to increase our user base steadily and provide top-notch service to all of them. Ludo Bheem is aware of its users' needs and provides them with the best features to improve their interaction with the company.

We ensure the highest gain for our customers using the simplest, most reliable, and safest way possible thanks to our customer-centric strategy. Ludo Bheem strives to be among the top Ludo game platforms and has built Standard Operating Procedures and protocols to support this goal.


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Ludo Bheem is RNG certified and safe, and this feature has immensely contributed to our growth in this sector.

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