Fair Play Policy

Ludo Bheem(“FK Ludo”) is an online gaming platform where the competitive spirit of India comes alive. Sportsmanship, fair play, transparency, and integrity are values we consider important. On the Ludo Bheem app, we expect this of ourselves and our community. In order to protect the spirit of competition and responsible gaming as users compete against one another in various online skill-based casual games on the Ludo Bheem, our Fairplay Policy addresses the following:

Real Players Only:

We work hard to make sure that the Ludo Bheem app only has real players. We have strict regulations and procedures to check any infringement of our Fairplay Policy in order to facilitate this.

No Cheating Allowed:

Any type of hacking, including using flaws, third-party software, or numerous accounts to access the Ludo Bheem, is not permitted and will result in the user's ban from the app.

No Collusion Tolerated:

The Ludo Bheem will prohibit users who participate in real money games and conspire with other players.

Security & Privacy Ensured:

To guarantee the security and privacy of user data, we use standard data security procedures and methods. For security purposes, all of our systems are routinely tested using both automated and manual procedures.

Secure Payments:

To guarantee the security and safety of all financial transactions, we cooperate with a third-party payment gateway called Paytm (with an authentication method). Users' credit/debit card information is not stored on our servers.

Instant Withdrawals:

To make withdrawals for users hassle-free, we provide a smooth quick withdrawal method.

Game Fraud Detection:

For the purpose of detecting game fraud, we have automated detection methods.

Real-time Match-making With Real Players:

Depending on when they start playing, users of the Ludo Bheem app are paired with other real users in real-time. They are paired with other real people who start playing the same game.

Game Abandonment Upon Disconnection:

Poor internet access causes games to disconnect, which results in users losing the game. Before starting the game, we encourage players to check their internet connection. Ludo Bheem will not be responsible for the internet connections of individual players.

Responsible Gameplay:

Our users are cautioned against playing more than 150 games in a single day. If their accumulated losses are greater than Rs. 100,000, we inform them immediately. Users under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the Ludo Bheem app.

Compliant With Indian Laws:

The skill-based platform Ludo Bheem is provided in accordance with Indian law. The majority of the games available on the Ludo Bheem app are skill-based, where the importance of skill outweighs that of chance. There aren't any shortcuts or cheats to get quick and simple victories.

Returns Dependant on Skill:

The likelihood of winning when using the Ludo Bheem app's games depends on the level of talent displayed by the user. In other words, the returns are the same for each player who displays a certain degree of skill.

Swift & Simple Communication:

To make it simple for consumers to get in touch with our customer care team, we've set up procedures within the Ludo Bheem app. We also guarantee prompt response times and total user support.


If we believe that a user has violated our Fairplay Policy, we reserve the right to take any action against that user we deem appropriate, including but not limited to suspending or cancelling that user's account on the Ludo Bheem app.