Ludo Bet Live & Win ₹2000 Lottery Ticket

Participate in Online Ludo Bet Live and win a ₹2000 lottery ticket.

Ludo Bet Online
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What is an Online Ludo Bet?

Online Ludo Bet is a money earning program offered by Ludo Bheem. In this program, you have to place high bets on Ludo games & get a chance to win big prize. If your bet matches your target bet amount, you will be eligible for a lottery ticket worth up to ₹2000! Here, you can earn the highest amount through online Ludo betting tournaments.

Online Ludo Bet With Grand Lottery Bonus

If you enjoy playing the Online Ludo Bheem game, you're in for a treat! Ludo Bheem now offers Ludo bets with a bonus lottery feature for all players. These online Ludo bet programs give you a chance to compete against other players, engage in multiple battles each day, track your rankings, and have the opportunity to win exciting lottery prizes.

Make sure to visit the homepage of Ludo Bheem App to discover the target Ludo bet amount for today. And don't forget to check the app notifications as well!

Ludo Bet Special Features

Real Money Gameplay

Live Chat

Multi Language

Instant Withdrawal

Low Commission Rate

24*7 Technical Support

No Bots

Made in India

How To Join Ludo Bheem Target Ludo Bet?

To join Target Ludo Bet, you can follow these steps:


Create a Ludo Battle with a Maximum Amount Se

step 1 ludo bet online


Play a Maximum Number of Ludo Battles

step 2 online target ludo bet


Continue playing until you reach the Target Ludo Bet amount, which is ₹1000 in this case.

step 3 ludo bet


Once you reach the target amount, you will receive a lottery ticket with a chance to win up to ₹2000

step 4 ludo bet online

Benefits Of Ludo Bheem Online Ludo Bet

  • 1. Earn Upto ₹2,000 Daily: By participating in Ludo Bheem Online Ludo Bet, you have the opportunity to earn up to ₹2,000 per day. This provides a chance to increase your winnings and potentially make a profit.
  • 2. Compete with Skilled Players: The platform allows you to compete against high-skilled players. This adds excitement and challenges to the game, as you test your Ludo skills against experienced opponents.
  • 3. Play with Lottery Ticket Amount: Another advantage of participating in LudoBheem Online Ludo Bet is the ability to play Ludo using your winnings. This means that you can continue to enjoy the game without investing additional funds.
  • 4. Instant Withdrawal Your Winnings: The platform offers instant withdrawal of your winnings. This ensures quick access to your funds, providing convenience and flexibility in managing your earnings.

Online Ludo Bet Game Rules

  • ☛ Completion of Target Bet Amount: Players must meet the target bet amount within a 24 hours timeframe.
  • ☛ Use of Lottery Ticket Amount: Players can utilize their lottery ticket amount to play games within the online Ludo Bet platform.
  • ☛ No Withdrawal of Lottery Ticket Amount: It is not possible to withdraw the lottery ticket amount. However, players can use it to play games and withdraw their winnings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Ludo Bet is a high-score rewards program by Ludo Bheem, where you can play Ludo and bet online to win a lottery ticket.

To play Online Ludo Bet, you need to participate in multiple Ludo battles and meet your daily target bet.

To win a lottery ticket, you have to play a high number of Ludo battles and meet your daily target bet amount. Once you complete your target bet, you will win a lottery ticket worth ₹2000.

Yes, you can use the lottery ticket amount to play Ludo games.

No, you cannot withdraw the lottery ticket amount. However, you can use it to play games and withdraw your winnings.

Yes, if you receive another lottery ticket, you can participate again in Online Ludo Bet.

Certainly, you can participate in multiple Ludo battles and have a chance to win a lottery ticket daily.