Top 15 New Ludo Earning Apps 2024: Win Real Money Without Investment and Enjoy Instant Withdrawal

Ludo a board game enjoyed by millions has taken an exciting leap in the current digital age, with increasing advancements in technology and game development, now one can enjoy this board game anywhere at any time and that too easily accessible devices like playing on a mobile phone or your regular screen, it lets you connect and complete with anyone delimiting the border barriers and any physical barriers.

The bonus point is that much instant withdrawal Ludo App lets you win impressive money rewards in the form of real cash, which can be easily withdrawn once you meet the withdrawal limit. This surge in online instant withdrawal game apps reflects a growing trend: developers are capitalizing on the game’s enduring popularity by offering players the chance to win real money.  The combination of classic competition and the potential for cash rewards has made these games a nationwide phenomenon, especially for those who crave a thrilling challenge and a shot at boosting their wallets.

But ludo isn’t only limited to winning cash it holds its own history, the game-rich history stretches back to the Indian 6th century, when it was played with a different name “Pachisi” and was played on cloth or slate boards. Ludo is awesome because it is fun for everyone, no matter what age you are. It’s like a mix of old-school fun and serious thinking, all rolled into one.

What is the Ludo earning app without investment?

A Ludo earning app without investment is an online Ludo earning app that lets you win real-time cash. So be ready, all Ludo enthusiasts! Take your favorite board game online and win exciting earnings with the Ludo earning app without investment. 

Forget the limitations of physical boards, These instant withdrawal game app let you challenge players worldwide for a chance to win real cash. Not only can you compete against strangers, but you can also invite friends and family for friendly competition with a real-money twist.

Ludo-earning apps offer a variety of online game modes, from classic 1v1 battles to exciting team matchups like 2v2 or 1v4. You can even hone your skills by playing against an AI opponent! The choice is yours, and victory in any mode means real money rewards.

Top 15 Best New Ludo Earning App 2024

There are ample Different money-earning apps in the market that offer real-time money with a facility of instant withdrawal based on the game Ludo. Given below is the list of Top 10 Best New Ludo Earning App 2024, which will help you earn a good amount of real cash using different features like competing in the reel world and using Referrals signup options, so here is the opportunity to earn a side hustle and earn big.

S.NoNameBonus Amount(INR)Referral Amount(INR)Link to Join
1Ludo Bheem10100Join Now
2MPL5075Join Now
3Ludo King10100Join Now
4Paytm First GamesUpto 20000500Join Now
5Winzo55050Join Now
6Zupee1050Join Now
7Real 11100Upto 50k/monthJoin Now
8Ludo ClubUpto 2000 coinsJoin Now
9Ludo Empire1020Join Now
10Ludo Fantasy 1010Join Now
11Ludo- Culture(Gamezy)100100Join Now
12Aqua LudoJoin Now
13Rush5010Join Now
14Playerzpot Ludo10050Join Now
15Skkily10Join Now

1. Ludo Bheem

Ludo Bheem

Ludo Bheem stands as India’s Number 1 trusted online Ludo App, it has a very low minimal commission rate which attracts millions of users to play Ludo and earn a handsome amount of money. This is among the apps that can be played without investment and win exciting rewards. Ludo Bheem has multiple formats that allow users to experience different environments in the Online Ludo.

Ludo Timer(Speed Ludo)

If long ludo games aren’t your type then this Ludo Bheem game mode is the ideal choice for you, in the user need not roll dice for six to start their playing journey as all 4 tokens would already be ready to move, all you need is to defeat your opponent and win the game within 6 minutes.

Ludo Classic

Ludo Classic is a fast-paced game where you can make a large amount of money. You would be required to take all four tokens of yours to the home as soon as you can before your opponent does it. Enter the game by rolling a six from your dice and stake up hikes of your win by playing strategically.

Ludo Popular:

In this Ludo Bheem version, you will only need some four tokens to reach home and win the game. Unlike the classic variant, one token at home would make you win the game. However, you will be provided with all four tokens to play strategically and you can use them to win the game.

Ludo Crush

This mode of Ludo Bheem is designed for Ludo enthusiasts who enjoy a challenge. In this mode, known as “Ludo Hunt,” players race against time to eliminate opponents’ tokens within a 6-minute time limit.

2. MPL- Ludo with Thrill

MPL- Ludo with Thrill

Join the millions already playing on the platform, as your favorite MPL Ludo is now available with exciting variants that will challenge your skills and will keep you hooked, playing with real players online and competing for real cash. MPL Ludo features a safe and reliable environment, with the option of easily withdrawing winnings through UPI, Amazon Pay, Bank Transfer, or PayTM. MPL Ludo has three variants each coming with its twist.

Ludo Dice:

4 tokens would be needed to play this, and the user would need to score high points by capturing the opponent’s tokens within a limited number of moves in 4 minutes. So buckle up as the time moves faster than your token.

Ludo 2 Dice: 

Just a bigger picture of Ludo Dice, the same concept but with a twist you would be playing with two different dice instead of one, the objective is to score high and win the maximum bonus in 6 minutes.

Ludo Win:

This version takes the dice out of the equation and introduces a number reel that determines your moves. Capture tokens, score bonuses, and reach the finish line with a higher score in the least number of moves.

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3. Ludo King

Ludo King
Ludo King

Ludo king as the name itself has a king in it, this has proved it as well. This app has topped the list of ludo earning app 2024 to Win Real Money. With over 500 million users this is available on both platforms Android and iOS.Ludo King has Voice Chat, 6 Player Ludo, Quick Ludo mode, Tournaments, and many other exciting features! That makes the user interface interactive and engaging.

Beyond casual play, Ludo King hosts exciting cash tournaments. Players can compete for real money prizes by paying an entry fee 

4. Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games
Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is an app of the parent company Paytm, which offers a variety of games including Ludo. Players can participate in the Ludo tournaments to win cash by paying a basic entry fee and then can earn by winning those tournaments.

The Ludo at First games ensures a seamless experience as the platform is equipped with high-end technology. First Games offers their game in such real graphics that it keeps the user’s attention for long hours engrossed in the online Ludo match.

5. WinZo


Join the excitement of Ludo on WinZO Games, a platform known for its commitment to fair play. WinZO prioritizes player safety. Their advanced ID verification methods effectively identify suspicious activity, ensuring a clean and enjoyable gaming environment. With secure sign-in and a variety of payment options (including Paytm, GooglePay, and PhonePe), you can easily deposit and withdraw your winnings with ease and increase a community of players who love the fun and fair Ludo experience.

6. Zupee Ludo

Zupee Ludo
Zupee Ludo

Love Ludo and want to win real money? Zupee takes your favorite game to the next level! Explore the thrilling world of ludo now In online mode with the Zupee Ludo app, You can play the game at Your convenience whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home. Zupee offers a unique opportunity to transform your Ludo passion into real rewards. Download the app, create an account, and dive into a world of online Ludo challenges. It may require a small nominal entry fee to let you compete against skilled players so be ready. 

7. Real 11

Real 11
Real 11

Developed by Indians the Real 11 Ludo game is one of the best Ludo real money app that lets you enjoy easy Ludo money withdrawal with Upi Withdrawal apps and methods. The objective of this game is to compete with four of your tokens and take them to the finish line before anyone else does.Real11 Ludo stands out from other online Ludo games. You can play Ludo online on your favorite fantasy sports site and enjoy the rewards.

Real11 features an in-house online ludo game called Master Ludo. It provides a fun and interactive gaming experience for players of all ages and also avails the users with a Ludo sign up 100 rupees and refer and earn feature that allows players to earn an amount of 50000 rupees per month. 

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8. Ludo Club

Ludo Club
Ludo Club

This game is the best Ludo game under the category of play Ludo with real money India apps. One can play the classic ludo with a new modern twist with the Ludo Club’s best board game. Ludo Club is the free online multiplayer version of the dice game Ludo, one can play with friends with 2 players or more (up to 4 players)Compete against the best ludo masters from around the world, and reach the top of the leaderboard! This is a fast, dice-roll-based board game that involves both luck and skill. To ensure you win the game make sure you are known of the Tips and Tricks to win in Ludo.

9. Ludo Empire

Ludo Empire
Ludo Empire

Relive your childhood memories but with a twist, now you can play Ludo online and also win money with almost null investment as Ludo Empire takes the classic game of Ludo to a whole new level with real-time competition from across 1 crore players from across India. So turn your Ludo love to cash rewards.

10. Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy
Ludo Fantasy

Launched in February 2019, Ludo Fantasy is the perfect escape for all the Ludo Lovers. This is 100% secure and one can earn real money! Yes, you heard that right. This application lets you play with real money and earn significant winnings of 5000 rupees and more. 

It is facilitated with four different modes Quick Money, 4 Token Game, Private Room, and Practice Match. Ludo Fantasy has quite a great and easy interface that lets you have Easy deposit and withdrawal options.

11. Ludo Culture (Gamezy)

Ludo Culture (Gamezy)
Ludo Culture

Ludo culture is a fresh take on all those classic ludo game cultures, this game features unique twists, in it all pawns or tokens start in open positions and the player is rewarded with points, a player with the highest number of points wins the game, and money.

The user is awarded when a token moves a tile for a single point, capturing the opponent token earns you 7 points, and finally making your token to home secures you with  56 Points. So make sure to plan your moves strategically, capture your opponent’s pawns, and race your tokens to the finish line.

12. Aqua Ludo

Aqua Ludo
Aqua Ludo

Unleash your competitive spirit and win big real cash money with this ludo money earning app in 2024. Ludo Aqua is an online mobile game that combines strategic dice rolling with a chance to earn real cash. Unlike old and traditional Ludo games Aqua Ludo challenges you to think ahead and craft winning strategies. Thousands of players join the Aqua Ludo community daily to discover their hidden champion.

So keep your classic game experience alive with the fresh and exciting tournaments and 1v1 battles happening around the clock. Simply participate, compete, and win prizes all day long! Winners can withdraw their earnings instantly with the easy cashout withdrawal methods, so whom you are waiting go and download the app and start your winning streak.

13. Rush


Rush has taken the ludo gaming world by storm, this platform has over 5 million active players who are earning a sign-up as well as a referral bonus. This is an exciting opportunity to experience the thrill of the game and win exclusive money rewards. Rush is all about quick thinking and strategic moves. With a time limit in play, you’ll need to outsmart your opponent and be the first to finish for home and stand a chance to win a jackpot prize!

14. Playerzpot Ludo

Playerzpot Ludo
Playerzpot Ludo

Unleash your inner Ludo champion on PlayerzPot, one of India’s most rewarding mobile apps. Playerzpot is a community of over 1 crore players that offers minimum waiting time and maximum reward options with multiple opponents. Players can make money and rise to the leaderboard ranks by being a part of various tournaments, leagues, and challenges. 

This platform prioritizes a safe and responsible game environment, they have utilized resources in anti-fraud technology, enforce daily deposit limits, remain committed to a positive gaming environment, and to add on have a facility of 24*7  customer support to have a smooth gaming experience.

15. Skkily App

Skkily App
Skkily App

Your one-stop destination for the online competitive online Ludo gaming in India. One can unleash their inner Ludo champion with the Skkily app and get a chance to win real cash playing classic games like Real Money Ludo or dive into a variety of skill-based titles. With the Skkily app, we assure you guaranteed real cash winnings and an online secure environment to compete with the real players online. Powered by cutting-edge technology, Skkily Games offers various game modes and accepts deposits and withdrawals through NEFT, IMPS, UPI, and even credit cards. So download and register yourself to get your cashouts directly into your bank wallets.

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How to Play a Ludo Earning App Without Investment?

Here’s the best part: you don’t need to invest a single penny to start playing and potentially earning. Many apps offer referral programs. Invite your friends, family, or anyone else; you’ll earn bonuses when they join using your link. These bonuses can be instantly transferred to your bank account, adding a sweet bonus to your gameplay. So Ready to roll the dice and start filling your bank wallets? To play a Ludo Earning App Without Investment, you need to be aware of the game rules which will increase your chances of winning and earning.

  • Each game begins with players taking turns rolling a six-sided die.
  • The player who rolls the highest number, which is 6, goes first.
  • Players roll the die clockwise until they roll a 6 to move their token.
  • The numbers on the die, from 1 to 6, determine how many spaces the token can move on the board.
  • Movement always follows the clockwise path designated by the token’s color.

So, ditch old hustling methods and the dusty board and download a Ludo earning app today. It’s a fun and social way to play your favorite game, connect with others, and potentially win real cash! To start playing online you can follow these steps and earn a good amount by putting in petty bets.

  • Open the choice of your Ludo Earning App.
  • Register yourself using your mobile number.
  • Choose the type of game and select the number of players you want to compete with.
  • Make the minimal signup fee or bet fee.
  • Win the game to earn the money.
  • And finally, you can withdraw your hard-earned money through different UPI Payment modes.


One can generate a handsome amount of money with these Top 15 new ludo earning app 2024 to Win Real Money. These platforms offer excellent referral programs and cash rewards that require you to introduce your friends in exchange for stunning bonuses. In addition, you can access unhindered deposit offers that allow you to deposit funds in your wallet and earn a bonus which this instant withdrawal game app facilitates. The best aspect is that you need not pay hefty amounts to start and the rewards can be withdrawn immediately into your bank account via different online payment modes.


What is Ludo Bheem, Is it Free to play?

Ludo Bheem is one of the best among the top 15 ludo earning apps 2024 to Win Real Money. And no, this app isn’t free to play. One should have a minimum wallet balance to start playing in it.

Which is the best Ludo Instant Withdrawal Game App in India?

Here is the list of the best Ludo Instant Withdrawal Game App in India:
Playerzpot Ludo
Ludo Bheem
Ludo King
Zupee etc.

What are the criteria for earning from these instant withdrawal Game Apps?

To earn from these instant withdrawal games, one should complete and reach the minimum withdrawal limits, and to earn one should keep participating in online tournaments, leagues and online bets and win real money.

How Can I Earn Money by Playing Online Ludo?

One can earn money by playing online through various apps, to earn you can use features like signup bonuses, Referral Bonuses, and loyalty programs.

How can one choose the best Ludo real cash earning app?

To choose the best cash earning apps, you need to look for the following features: 
Safety and Security
Ratings and  Review
Bonuses & rewards
Instant Withdrawals
Fair gameplay
Multiple payment modes

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