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Fantasy Khiladi Ludo Classic
(Ludo Battle)

Welcome to Fantasy Khiladi, the ultimate destination for Ludo fans who are looking to participate in the match and win huge amounts of money. If you love playing Ludo, then Ludo Classic is the perfect game for you. With Ludo Classic, not only can you compete with your opponents but you can also earn up to ₹10 lakhs by defeating them. Fantasy Khiladi offers you the best gameplay experience with the lowest commission rates. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now and start earning. Once you win the game, all your winnings will be added to your wallet.

About Ludo Classic

Ludo Classic is a battle game where you will be playing against your opponent and your goal is to reach the home with all your four tokens before your opponent reaches. First, you will have to either create a battle or join a match. If you can’t find a suitable match for yourself, you can easily create your own match by entering the amount you want to play with. In Ludo Classic, both you and your opponent will get 4 tokens each and the game will be played by a Dice with 6 numbers on it starting from 1 to 6. To get your token out of its cell, you have to score a 6 for each token and then you can proceed with your gameplay. Throughout the gameplay, you will be making your strategies to avoid or kill your opponent's tokens and to reach the Home as soon as possible. The game is a lot of fun and you will be enjoying it a lot while playing.

Download Ludo Classic AKA Ludo Battle

We firmly believes in making the Ludo gaming experience as sleek and thumping as possible for its users. You can download the best online ludo game to earn money in no time by following the simple steps jotted down below.

Easy Steps To Download Ludo Classic On Android

  • 1. Open any web browser on your Android device.
  • 2. Open and hit the ‘Download Now’ reflecting on your screen.
  • 3. Download the .apk file.
  • 4. Find the .apk file in the file manager and begin the installation process.
  • 5. Before you begin the installation process, it’s ideal to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources to ensure installation happens seamlessly.
  • 6. Stick to the instructions to complete the installation process.
  • 7. Once the installation is complete, open the app and log in by feeding your registered number.
  • 8. An OTP will pop up as a notification on your home screen that you have to submit to access the FK Ludo Classic game.
  • 9. Choose Classic and savor the ludo game with friends and family members.

Simple Steps To Download Ludo Classic On IOS

  • 1. Open your iOS device and find the Apple app store.
  • 2. Hop on to the search bar and type “FK Ludo Game”.
  • 3. Look for the Fantasy Khiladi and click on Install
  • 4. Hit on the “GET” button next to the app.
  • 5. If needed, enter either your Apple ID password or use Face ID/Touch to initiate the download
  • 6. Wait for a few moments to let the app download and install on your device.
  • 7. Click on the app icon, register yourself, and savor the most whimsical ludo game ever.

How to Install Ludo Classic Game?

The Fantasy Khiladi Ludo Classic APK file installation process is simple. Now Download the ludo game app!!
What you must do is as follows


Download the apk from website

This file can harm your device. Do you want to keep ludobheem.apk?


Press "OK" to Complete the Installation Process

FK_Ludo_v1.0.apk | Download Complete * 70.6 MB


Turn on unknown sources to install the App

Turn on unknown sources to install Game Application


Enjoy your ludo game and earn money

Open the ludo game app from your screen and Start Playing the game.

Steps for Fantasy Khiladi Ludo Classic Gameplay

To start enjoying the awesome gameplay of Ludo Classic, just install the apk file and follow the given process of how to play Ludo Board game and start playing.

  • 1. Open the game application on your device and tap on Classic Mode.
  • 2. Enter the amount to create the battle. You can either create your own match with a minimum of ₹10 or join the other matches.
  • 3. Wait for your opponent to join the game. It will only take a few seconds.
  • 4. All your tokens will be locked in their cells and you will have to score a 6 to take them out.
  • 5. Now make your way to the home by rolling dice and avoiding your opponent's tokens.
  • 6. Keep your tokens safe from your opponents and cut their tokens at every chance you get.

Our Special Features

We provides you with many features that make it the best to play Ludo games.

Speed Ludo Special Features

  • 1. Lowest Commission Rates App: We provide lowest commission rates in the fantasy gaming industry.
  • 2. Instant withdrawal: The user can instantly get real money in their account Via UPI/Bank Transfer.
  • 3. Referral Bonus: you can earn up to ₹ 20,000 bonus via referring your friends and family members.
  • 4. Signup Bonus: Sign up in the Fantasy Khiladi Ludo and get an additional Bonus of ₹ 5 to play the game.
  • 5. Spin to win (Daily Bonus): Get a Daily chance to spin the wheel and get free rewards.
  • 6. Cashback: Get cashback every time you add money to your wallet.
  • 7. 24/7 Customer Support: If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service.
  • 8. 100% Genuine: 100% Genuine players, no Bots involved.

Why Do Players Love Fantasy Khiladi?

Be it a physical board game or the online game, Ludo has always been the Numero Uno choice to kill time for individuals of all age groups. The best part about online play ludo and Earn money game is it's seamless to play and quick to wrap up the game. Users can hop onto any mode, accept different challenges, and grab unimaginable life-changing winning amounts. Players can eloquently communicate with each other during the game to make it more challenging and enthralling. The user experience and interface of the Fantasy Khiladi Ludo game are second to none. Even a player who interacts first time with this game can play it with minimal instructions. To keep the users hooked and super-excited for a long time, there are rewards at multiple levels in the different modes that give a satiating sense of achievement to users.

Our Top Winners.

manish panday
Manish Panday

12 lakh winner

"Amazing Ludo app, The latest Quick Mode update is superb. You will fall in love with this game as soon as you download it.”

sunil verma

7.5 lakh winner

"I got to know about Fantasy Khiladi from one of my friends. I started playing Ludo game. Thankgod my friend recommended me this app as i have earned a lot of money by playing ludo game.”

supriti agrawal
Supriti Agrawal

2 lakh winner

"Best experience and best timepass game ever. It was incredibly enjoyable, and I highly recommend it. The Best aspect of this game is the app offers different modes which are highly entertaining. You should also download this app.”

kailash gupta
Kailash Gupta

10 lakh winner

"Without a doubt, it's a good platform for playing with ludo money. Withdrawals are easy and the game is secure. Since few months ago, This game has become my obsession. Earning and having a great time!"

prateek verma
Prateek Verma

6 lakh winner

"I've been using Fantasy Khiladi ludo app a lot lately, and I find that I can never get enough of it. The Reward is great, The game is smooth and easy to play. Best Money Earning app”

How To Withdraw Your Winnings

To provide never seen before user experience to the passionate ludo classic game players, we have made sure that the process of withdrawing is as smooth as playing ludo classic game. We have integrated some of the most secure, safest, and trusted payment partners like Gpay, Paytm, Phonepe & UPI which makes our withdrawal system blazing fast for users.

Our multiple payment options make it easier for any player to pay or withdraw using the preferred online transaction method and withdraw the winning amount instantly. Our diligent team of customer support works day in and day out to help users rectify any technical issue and satiate all queries related to the game. Just download the game, win some big bucks, and withdraw your winnings in no time.

Ludo Classic aka Ludo Battle Mode Rules

The simple Ludo game rules for Classic Ludo are the same as the traditional Ludo game you have been playing since childhood. To know more, take a look at the section below.

  • 1. The minimum entry amount of the game is ₹10.
  • 2. The game will be between two players.
  • 3. For battles with a value below ₹1000, a commission of 10% will be charged, while for battles above ₹1000, only a 5% commission will be charged.
  • 4.Each player is assigned a specific color that can’t be changed between the game.
  • 5. All your tokens will be in the locked cells and you have to score a 6 to get them out for each token.
  • 6. The rotation of the dice rollout runs clockwise.
  • 7. The movement of the token happens with corresponding chances a player gets in every turn.
  • 8. If a token lands on a square already occupied by a challenger’s token, that token is eliminated and sent straight to the home position.
  • 9. A pawn is safe when it lands on a safe zone block or crosses the end zone.
  • 10. The prime objective of any player is to get all four tokens to the end zone.
  • 11. If a player quits in between the game, they lose and don’t get any amount.
  • 12. Once you win the game, all your winning amount will be added to your game wallet you can transfer to your account via UPI/Bank transfer.

Ludo Classic Tips and Tricks to Win Big

To become a pro player in Fantasy Khiladi Ludo Classic, you can use these tips and tricks.

  • 1. Always spread your tokens evenly on the board. The more cluttered or nearer your tokens are, the odds of getting attacked by the enemy’s token are higher.
  • 2. When it comes to the Fantasy Khiladi ludo board game, the best defence is a full-fledged attack. You shouldn’t be merciful at all. Whenever you get a chance, attack the tokens of enemies and pave your way to winning. However, you should only attack your enemies when the route of escape is quite clear. Always follow the rule of 7. The odds of getting 6 and 1 are quite minimal. Therefore, you should be at least 7 steps away from your other opponent when you are planning to attack the nearest opponent.
  • 3. You can also use the distraction technique to trick your opponent and carve the way for other tokens toward the end zone. From one end, chase your opponents’ tokens to keep them distracted and simultaneously move your other tokens.
  • 4. If you always seek to emerge as a victor in Fantasy Khiladi online ludo game, patience is the biggest virtue. Don’t make movies in a jiffy. Always analyze your situation before rolling out the dice and act according to the outcome.
  • 5. Focus on opening all the tokens first instead of laying emphasis only on a single token and taking it to the end zone. This strategy is quite terrible and can nullify all your efforts if your token is attacked by opponents.

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Fantasy Khiladi Ludo Classic Frequently Asked Questions

Up to 2 players can participate in a single match.

You can create your own match with ₹10.

To block your opponent’s pieces in the Ludo game, you can move your pieces to strategic locations on the board to prevent them from moving their pieces. You can also use your pieces to form a blockade around their pieces, making it difficult for them to move.

For a 10₹ game, you will receive 17₹.

Once you win the game, all your winnings will be added to your game Wallet and then it can be transferred to your account via UPI/Bank transfer.

No, our game service is 100% genuine and there will only be real players playing the game.

Common mistakes to avoid in Ludo games include not having a game plan, not focusing on your own game, letting your emotions get the best of you, using doubles too early in the game, and giving up too early.

Yes, there are many other Ludo strategies that you can use, such as the “race to the finish” strategy or the “corner trap” strategy.

Yes, users can create private rooms and invite their friends to play Ludo with them.

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to add money in Fantasy Khiladi Ludo.

You get 5 life lines in classic modes.