Top 10 Online Ludo Tips And Tricks (Win Big at Ludo)

Have you ever wondered what helps to win in online Ludo and are there any methods that can help anyone win? Then congratulations here today we will learn about some of the moves and tactics that will help you potentially earn a good amount. Although it’s not those old usual methods that you might have tried while playing with your siblings like cheating, rolling dice twice to get the desired number, and many more evil ways these are genuine methodologies and strategies that can help you earn. So whom you are waiting for, set your bet in the Ludo Bheem App and follow the Top 10 Online Ludo Tips And Tricks For Winning Big. Ready to earn?

Online Ludo winning Tricks and Tips to win in Ludo

Online Ludo winning Tricks and Tips
Online Ludo winning Tricks and Tips

At first introduction, the Ludo seems like an easy winning platform that can lead to win don’t know how much amount, but the reality is different it isn’t that simple to just put a bet into Ludo Bheem or any other App and then win a good amount of money without considering any gameplay or anything, whether you are playing it online or offline on a Ludo board a strategic gameplay is a must to have when looking to win in Ludo.

So if you think you are the Ludo master and level up your gaming skills then these ludo game tricks to win will help you crush your opponents face to face or online virtually,  From strategic secrets to winning techniques, get ready to bring out the inner champion and rule the Ludo Kingdom.

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Best Ludo Player Tips and Tricks to win in the Ludo Gaming Kingdom

As we are aware this is purely a game of luck and there aren’t any options that can promise you any win so be sure and aware of the online frauds, to ensure great gameplay make sure you follow these to win great money and for many times;

1. Know the Rules

One of the most common mistakes the users make is that they avoid going through the Ludo Rule book, Ludo might seem easy at first play but it is not, just like any other strategy game app ludo has its own Rules. The first and foremost thing for Winning the Ludo game is to know the rules and conditions on how to play Ludo. So make sure you remember them by heart and further use them in your gameplay to your advantage. 

Although the game rules stay the same for all online Ludo games, some special features of some apps like Ludo Bheem Spin and Win Feature and others keep the gameplay interesting and engaging.

Ludo Bheem Spin and Win
Ludo Bheem Spin and Win

2. Never Underestimate Your Opponent

The key for a ludo player tips and tricks is that before planning on winning your opponent and Ludo game make sure you study your opponent and their moves and the gameplay pattern. Analyze their moves and then plan your moves accordingly. Sometimes a Noob player can win the Ludo game by just being active and observant.

People play the game in different ways and styles, some play it slow and safe, and some like to adapt to attacking moves, finishing it fast and winning the game, So to beat them you should know how they play, keep track of what they are doing, and respond to it with your smart planned moves. If they’re trying to get rid of your game pieces, use safe spots more often. If they’re rushing to win, set traps to slow them down. Following these Ludo tricks will help you win the bet.

3. Understand and Follow the “Rule of 7”

Ludo mastery and winning are all about anticipating the opponent’s moves and strategies and one key strategy to ludo tricks is to follow the “Rule of 7”, this rule is all about watching out for spaces seven steps or squares ahead of your opponent, because as we all are aware that the highest number on dice is 6 and there are fewer chances that your opponent will get a two just after getting 6 on dice, so by staying 7 squares ahead, your chances of being safe and winning Ludo will increase. This Rule of 7 is very popular among the ludo tips and tricks.

4. Dice Value Division

While playing Ludo all we wish is to get higher numbers on the dice so that we can win easily. But getting higher numbers and utilizing them, is a whole other game, knowing how to use those rolls smartly as per your token positions is even more important. 

Use lower numbers for pieces that are at the starting phase of the gameplay and save the higher numbers for the ones closer to winning positions. Before you move, analyze the gameboard and then plan your gameplay. Think if any of your pieces make a big move or capture an opponent with the number you just rolled. Pick the move that helps you plan the best ludo strategy to win because every roll is a chance to get ahead, not just luck. 

5. Defend Your Best Man

It is very crucial to secure your best man in a move I mean your best “Goti” or token which is almost on the verge of reaching home first and as per some Ludo Game Rules like that of a Ludo Bheem, the farther the ‘Goti’ is from your starting position the more points it would be having so the opponents will surely try to eliminate that pawn using their ludo tips and tricks to win. So you would be required to prevent this elimination and try to secure all those points anyhow either by attacking or using defensive techniques.

Think about what your opponents might do and be ready to sacrifice a pawn if it helps protect your champion. But don’t forget about your other pawns—they can help create diversions and make it tricky for your opponents to guess where your champion is headed.

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6. Never Race a Single Token only

Winning Ludo is not a game of luck its a mastery of Teamwork, Territory, and Calculated Risks. Following ludo winning tricks tells you exactly that mastery,  to win in ludo you should be pro at calculating moves and shouldn’t race alone in the game, Prioritize moving your ‘Gotis’ in a manner that they are either together in pairs or are backed up by the another Goti while marching towards the center home. This creates a protective shield, making it harder for rivals to knock you back and giving you more control over the board. Don’t put all of your bet on a single Goti or token, Be smart and take all the Gotis together.

7. Open All The Tokens

Keep your pieces together and focus on opening all of your tokens instead of shifting all your focus on a single token and taking it to the Home. Your Gotis is the ultimate weapon in the Ludo besides Ludo tips and tricks that you can use to defeat your opponent, so the most important aspect of winning tricks for Ludo is opening all of your tokens and not being dependent on a single token.

Once you have opened all the pawns you are free to plan out your gameplay and strategize better ludo strategy to win. Doing so will give you freedom of movement so that in unfavorable terms and numbers you can lower the risk of losing and also safeguard your main pawn and best man against potential eliminations.

8. Take Calculated Risks 

Take calculated risks while avoiding complete risks to win in Ludo. capturing the opponent’s token might seem like a big win but sometimes it goes all reverse, it might favor your opponent lending them a chance to start and kill your token. So instead of following blindly consider strategic “calculated risks.”  If you’re lagging behind and your opponent has a pawn nearing the finish line, taking a chance to knock it back can be a game-changer. This disrupts their progress and buys you valuable time to catch up. 

Remember Ludo is a game of smart moves and calculated risk-taking, playing it too safe limits your opportunities, and playing it aggressively and taking risks can prove to be a backfire. Analyze the board, assess potential rewards and risks, and then make the move that best advances your overall strategy.

9. Prioritize Safety and Use the Safe Zone

In the modern aspect of the online Ludo tips and tricks, the safe zone and boxes are your best friends in the game. There are in total 8 safe boxes in all four modes of online Ludo games. Once a token occupies a safe box, it becomes untouchable by rival tokens, offering a strategic advantage. Safe boxes include the starting point for each player and every eighth box thereafter, these safe havens play a crucial role in your online ludo gameplay.

Also, remember that never move a Goti out when it’s near the home triangle, and move those tokens that are a slight bit away from the starting positions, and are less likely to be captured by the opponents. Utilize these safety boxes strategically in your game and increase your chances of winning. Remember practice is the key to helping a ludo win.

10. Block opponents

Forget about just capturing the opponent’s token in Ludo, master the art of blocking instead. You can block the opponent’s token by strategically positioning your pawns in pairs and creating impassable pathblocks which will force the opponents to change their strategy and turn to longer or different routes. Analyze their weaker Gotis and chase them to eliminate them. Remember to use the “Rule of 7” to keep your pawns at least seven spaces ahead to minimize the risk of being sent back while chasing the opponent.

By setting blockades you are sure to slow them down by capturing the key areas of the board leading your opponents frustrated and hemmed and then it is rightly phrased as “Savdhani hati, Durghatna Ghati” forcing them to commit another mistake in the winning hassle, further leading you a step close to the win.

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Bonus Ludo tips and tricks to increase winning Potential

Be patient

When it’s about winning a game patience is the key and patience is not only limited to winning a game, it is an essential value a person should have. Rushing your moves without considering the bigger picture can often lead to costly mistakes. Instead, take the time to carefully assess the board, and then choose your ludo moves anticipating the opponent’s move as this will boost your chances to win in Ludo.

Adopt an attacking strategy

Take a bold step and choose to adopt an attacking strategy but also make sure that you have analyzed the potential risks and have planned your defense strategy accordingly. Establish a balance of strategies and make sure you always have an escape route ready for the times when you have to choose between saving and sacrificing. Also if you have both strategies then it would be comparatively easy to win the game. Be more cautious before attacking the opponent and always have a counterattack and Defense ludo strategy to win and escape the trap. 

Ludo tips and tricks to secure a six

All want a six to start to win and move ahead in the ludo game and that is what makes people courier to know about how to get a six in Ludo or what are some of the ludo game tricks to win a six. Below are some steps to try scoring and utilizing a six-on-dice before you pull out your moves on the board.

  • When starting with a six, don’t overcrowd your starting area and utilize it to keep your options open
  • Use sixes to move pawns to safer zones to avoid elimination by the opponents.
  • Spread your pawns and token net, and utilize suffixes to position your tokens in such a way that each is helping you win in a certain way.
  • When near the home finish line use sixes to clear your home column efficiently.
  • Always have an idea about your opponent’s threat, a well-timed six can help you counter their attacks and seize unexpected opportunities.

Although there are no methods that can guarantee you a clear six and how to get a number six on dice you can take away these points when planning on your next Ludo tips and tricks.

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1. How can I improve my luck in Ludo?

Ludo is a combined game of luck and strategies, so one can win and improve one’s game by mixing the two and focusing on improving game skills, making sure of some general techniques increases your chances of winning including prioritizing getting all your tokens out onto the board, blocking your opponents, and making calculated moves to move your tokens closer to the finish line. However, it’s important to remember that luck still plays a significant role in the outcome of the game.

2. Which Colour is lucky for Ludo?

There are 4 colors in the Ludo game Red, Green Yellow and Blue you can choose one of your choices to play the game and win, however, the color of your token doesn’t help you in winning or planning a Ludo strategy to win.

3. How to win ludo easily online?

To win Ludo easily online you can apply these Ludo Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Always win
Move your pieces strategically to block opponents and prevent them from progressing
Focus on Killing the Opponent’s Pawn
Unlock the Pawns
Follow the “Rule of 7”
Patience is the key
Watch and figure out your opponent’s move
Be observant and utilize every number on your dice
Spread your pawns or Gotis across the game board setting up a safe as well as trap.
These are just strategies that work best when you play mindfully, they do not promise a definite win situation.

4. Which is India’s most trusted real money Ludo game?

When it is India’s trusted real money earning Ludo app, Ludo Bheem, Ludo Empire, Zupee Ludo, and MPL are among the top and India’s leading skill-based online Ludo platforms that let players earn a good amount of real money. 

5. Can I win money playing Ludo online?

One can earn money through money earning apps where players can play and also win some real-time cash. The market is filled with many apps like it which pay you along with a good gaming experience through their signup and referral programs. One such application is Ludo Bheem which lets users have a potential earning of 10 lakhs per day.

6. Which Ludo app is better?

There are many good Ludo apps in the game market and there are different criteria to choose the best game app. Here is a list of a few best Ludo apps that will give you a whole new gaming experience and will also help you earn money.
Ludo Bheem
Ludo sikandar
Ludo empire

7. How to earn money online without investment?

One can earn money without investment through different ways and means. To earn money one can play games like Ludo, Rummy, and billiards and can perform simple surveys and tasks that help in market research on platforms like Toloka, and Swagbucks and also can perform freelancing activities on Chegg and Upwork. There are countless options to make money online.

8. What is the best strategy in Ludo?

To win in Ludo there are various ludo tips and tricks for an effective strategy. There is not a single ludo strategy to win that can be called the best strategy, it is a combined effort of different ludo tricks. Some of the important Ludo player tips and tricks are mentioned here that you can follow to win your next Ludo game.
Decide Your Gameplay
Be patient
Remember Your Token Positions
Adopt an attacking strategy
Identify Which Tokens to Sacrifice
Ludo Tips To Use a Six
Know the rules
Block opponents
Prioritize Safety and Use the Safe Zone
Avoid Placing Two Tokens on the Same Safe Spots
Never Advance a Single Token Alone
Dice value division
Keep Idle Tokens in Safe Spots.

9. How to win Ludo King every time?

To increase the chance of winning every time in Ludo make sure to follow and practice every day these ludo winning tricks.
Think ahead
Don’t always go for the kill
Use your space wisely
Never underestimate your opponent
Open all of your tokens
Keep the best man safe
Study your opponent’s moves and then plan your moves strategically

10. Is ludo a skill or luck?

Ludo purely isn’t a game of luck, your skills play an important role in winning a game. It is the roll of the dice which is based on luck but how to move and where to plan your pawns or Gotis is purely a game of skill.

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