Top 10 Ludo Apps to Ludo sign up Bonus ₹20, 25, 50 and 100 Rupees

Who thought that playing Ludo could help you earn money? But nowadays there are real money earning apps that allow you to earn a decent amount via their sign up amount. One can earn a Ludo signup 50 rupees or 100 rupees depending upon the Ludo app.

So if you are someone looking for some money earning apps, then you are in the right spot, with the advent of technology- “Ghar bethe paisa kamana” has become easy, Now anyone can earn using different side income methods, and also by playing games online. So calling all those Ludo Enthusiasts looking to add more excitement to their favorite childhood game- Ludo, because there are apps that let you test your Ludo skills and potentially win real money right here in India.

The Ludo games usually include many variants such as 2-player and multiplayer Ludo that lets you win with your friends and family. So if you are ready to win and have a side income then here is the guide on the top 10 Ludo apps for Ludo sign up 20 rupees and a Ludo 20 Bonus, which holds much more potential for winning some real cash. So get ready to win big by playing easy bets with these new Ludo earning apps 2024.

Top 10 Ludo Apps to Ludo sign up 20 rupees, 25 rupees, and more!!

S.NoName of the AppSign-up AmountLink
1Ludo bheem₹50Link
2Ludo Sikander₹20Link
4Khiladi Adda₹25Link
5Elite Ludo₹20Link
6Ludo Adda Games₹25Link
7Ludo Fantasy₹25Link
9Ludo Empire₹20Link
10Ludo Supreme₹100 Link 

1. Ludo Bheem


India’s Popular and trusted app when it’s about Ludo and earning money from it. This is a simple and easy game that promises to pay real-time cash rewards. Ludo Bheem has exciting features and 4 different modes: Ludo Classic, Timer, popular, and Ludo Crush which attract users and make the gameplay interesting.

This app is amongst the apps that can be played without investment and also allows users to win cash rewards. Along with this, it has multiple formats that allow users to experience the fun of Ludo gaming in different environments. You can win an exciting amount of sign up 50 Rupees bonus and also other bonuses on the app, like spin and win and referral program.

How to earn Ludo Sign up 50 Rupees on Ludo Bheem

To earn 50 rupees sign up the amount on the app, log in to the app, and log in the app credits you with an instant bonus of ₹50, and then upon further play you can check the daily cash reward feature that promises you an amount upon using the spin and win.

Ludo Bheem also has a referral feature that allows players to earn by inviting their friends to the platform. There is no limit on inviting your friends so you can invite as many friends and people as you want and can earn money through this.

Pros and Cons of the Ludo Bheem

Easy to playRisk of getting hooked
Social funLess popularity
VarietyLack of face-to-face interaction
Easy to learnLimited chat feature
Variety of featuresNA

2. Ludo Sikandar


Ludo Sikandar is an online app that is available for Android users and is among the best Ludo money earning apps in India which gives its users fun and the opportunity to earn money.

The app was launched by Khud Ka Karobar Infotech Pvt Ltd and provides its players with a chance to become Ludo Sikandar king, so to be a king do not just settle down to mere luck, this crown demands strategy, calculated moves, and unwavering focus. Hone your Ludo knowledge, craft winning tactics, and with every game, climb the ranks towards Ludo royalty.

How to earn Ludo Sign up 20 Rupees on Ludo Sikandar 

To earn sign up 20 rupees bonus and other rewards on the Ludo Sikandar you need to log in to the app and then you can earn money by turning your Ludo skills into real money. Just sign up, buy coins to unlock game tables, and then challenge opponents in live battles. Beat them to win cash. Along with it, you can earn through the referral feature of the App.

Pros and Cons of the Ludo Sikandar app:


  • Win real cash rewards.
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Easy referral system.


  • Lags during gameplay.
  • Can be addictive.
  • Only available for users above 18 years old.

3. Zupee


Unleash the inner Ludo winner inside of you and win big with the online Ludo at Zupee Ludo and also experience the same classic thrill and fun with the modern twist now you can play Ludo and also win real money prizes.

With Zupee there is no need for the offline game board and token, everything is online and also Zupee offers the convenience to play from anywhere, anytime, directly on your device. It’s perfect for a quick break or a strategic showdown with friends. So test your skills and sharpen your Ludo mastery by competing with players worldwide and walking away as a champion with real cash rewards. So join the cash reward revolution and win money online.

How to earn a Ludo 20 bonus with Ludo on Zupee:

To earn a Ludo 20 bonus you must first register with the app, upon signup you will be awarded a welcome bonus of ₹20. Further to win more cash compete in the Ludo tournaments and challenges against other players. Zupee also offers referral bonuses that one can take benefits from, invite more friends to join, and win more.

Pros and Cons of the Zupee Ludo


  • Earn money easily
  • Real cash rewards 
  • Safe and secure
  • No bots


  • Specified time sometimes takes the winning opportunity
  • High commission charges
  • Hangups between the app

4. Khiladi Adda

khiladi adda

Khiladi Adda is one of a kind where entertainment through Ludo comes with money, one can sign up on the app and can play multiple games along with the Ludo. This is a game of luck and money. Khiladi Adda offers a platform that ensures safety, and real players on the app.

Players can download the app from the website or download it from the respective platforms, this is available for all platform users be it Android or IOS Users. so just download and start showing your skills, play now, and win huge cash rewards.

How to earn a signup bonus on the Khiladi Adda App

This app provides you with an instant signup 25 rupees bonus and also lets users earn 12 lakhs and more. One can also earn with the referral programs by inviting their friends and family to play with and increase the real cash possibilities

Pros and Cons of the Khiladi Adda app:


  • Offers low platform fees
  • 100%TDS and GST refunds
  •  instant withdrawals
  • Referral rewards to increase winning
  • Free game


  • Many online frauds 
  • Unfair practices to win
  • Technical glitches

5. Elite Ludo


Remember those childhood Ludo battles with your cousins? Now, imagine those same battles but with a twist, they now come with rewarding cash in your pocket! That’s the magic of Elite Ludo, the app lets you turn your Ludo skills into rupees that go way beyond your piggy bank.

The best part of this app is that it isn’t that hard to play and strategize winnings, one can simply turn their online bets into winnings. It’s secure, user-friendly, and lets you unleash your inner Ludo champion – all while putting some extra cash in your pocket. So, what are you waiting for? Download Elite Ludo today and turn those chai breaks into real-time paychecks.

How one can earn a Ludo 20 bonus on the Elite Ludo app:

To earn a Ludo 20 bonus signup reward you would need to log in to the app, once you log in and sign up user will be registered and a signup bonus amount will be reflected in the credit wallet of the player. You can also win by referrals and by winning in online tournaments as well by putting online bets and winning them.

Pros and Cons of the App:


  • Easy game
  • Simple rules
  • High technology
  • Smooth withdrawal process
  • No technical glitches


  • No guarantee of a win
  • Long queue time to find players
  • Faces difficulties in cash addition to wallet

6. Ludo Adda Games

Ludo Adda Games is a platform that offers the best money earning apps besides Ludo and is the fastest-growing multi-gaming platform in India. One can play Ludo and can earn a Ludo sign up 20 rupees once he/she registers and signs up on the platform. Also offers a Multiplayer Ludo mode that allows users to play with their friends and family in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish.

This platform is a legal and safe platform that turns simple bets into potential winnings of real cash. Playing Ludo on this requires skill and a bit of luck, playing, depositing, and withdrawing on the app is easy, and play and win real cash using their knowledge and skills.

How to earn a signup bonus on the app:

One would be awarded a ₹25 sign up bonus of rupees upon registration on the app and can also increase the credit amount by joining the referral amount, user would earn 15% of the net commission.

Pros and Cons of the app:


  • Safe and secure
  • Easy gameplay
  • Interesting graphics
  • Refer and earn to earn more rewards


  • Can be time-killing
  • Can affect the health of a person
  • Away from the real world 

7. Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy a project by VIVSON Games Pvt. Ltd. is an online platform to earn Ludo sign up 20 Rupees and ₹25. This platform lets you relive the old childhood diaries of playing offline Ludo but with a twist now, you can win real cash rewards upon winning the game. Ludo fantasy goes beyond just rolling the dice it instills a mix of strategy and tactics making it a game of skill that can even lead to real-time cash prizes and instant withdrawals. Ludo Fantasy promises a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

How to earn the Ludo sign up bonus on the Ludo Fantasy app:

When users sign up or log in to the app by registering themselves they are accredited with a welcome sign up bonus of ₹25. Also, this has a feature of earning through referrals, users earn a significant amount when they refer and their referrals join the app.

Pros and Cons of the Fantasy Ludo:


  • Easy wins and referrals
  • Simple user interface
  • User friendly 
  • Real money rewards


  • Can become addition
  • Harms physical and mental health
  • Can be financially risky

8. Rush


With registered players of above 5 crore, Rush app is one of India’s trusted Real Cash gaming apps. Users can earn and play real money games on this platform. This game has different modes like speed Ludo which lets you play in the speed and earn by playing it for free, it is one of those Ludo earning apps without investment that makes you rich by being in the comfort of your seats.

How to earn signup amount by the Rush app:

To earn a sign up amount of 50 rupees you need to log in to the app and sign up, upon signup you will be credited with an amount of ₹50, and also users can earn 1000 rupees for each referral who join the rush app on your invite.

Pros and Cons of the Rush app:


  • Less waiting in queue to find players
  • Simple rules to play and win
  • Easy win
  • Referral feature to earn
  • Allows to socialize


  • Can be time-killing
  • Has the risk of financial loss
  • Effects on the health of an individual

9. Ludo Empire

Unleash your inner Ludo champion and turn them into real cash rewards with the Ludo Empire Apps online tournaments. Win up to a whooping amount of ₹1Crore and that too with zero entry fees. Get ready to battle in exciting matches and become a Ludo legend with the Ludo empire. This platform features Tournaments every hour so you always have a chance to battle and earn cash whenever in need. Download Ludo Empire today and see if you have what it takes to reign supreme!

How to earn a signup bonus and real cash through Ludo Empire

Earn cash rewards of rupees 20 when you sign up with the app and to further increase your earning chances by referring the app to your friends and earn exciting bonuses such as ₹5/- for each referee sign-up and 2% of their entry fee whenever your referee joins the platform.

Pros and Cons of the app:


  • Builds connections
  • Earn real money
  • Safe and secure
  • Graphics are interactive
  • The user interface is friendly


  • Loss can be stressful
  • No guarantee of winning
  • Important time can be wasted 

10. Ludo Supreme

ludo supreme

Ludo Supreme is a popular Ludo game that allows user to turn their favorite time playing Ludo to win real money. This Ludo game and money earning app is for those people who love to play Ludo and also want to earn some real cash while having Fun.

 It has different modes that let users enjoy fun gameplay along with daily bonuses and rewards for players, encouraging them to continue playing. In addition, this Ludo app is a user-friendly and easy-to-use app, which makes it an ideal choice for all age people be it 8 or 80 years.

How to earn a signup bonus amount from Ludo Supreme: 

To earn from this app you would need to sign up and upon signup, a fixed amount of ₹100 would be credited to your account one can increase this earning by using the referral feature or by adding money to their wallets and also by competing in the tournaments.

Pros and Cons of the Paytm First Games:


  • Easy gameplay
  • Data is protected
  • Friendly graphics and interface
  • Simple game rules 
  • Referral program to earn more money


  • Time-Consuming
  • Lags in between
  • Financially risky
  • Game of luck so no guarantee of wins


The world of Ludo apps is full of fun, and these top 10 apps not only have exciting games but also give you a chance to get a sign-up bonus of 20 rupees. Whether you’re good at Ludo or just starting out, these apps are perfect for playing your favorite game and earning rewards. Each app has easy-to-use menus and fun multiplayer modes, so everyone can find something they like. Don’t wait any longer! Download these top 10 Ludo apps now, get your sign-up bonus, and start having fun and winning prizes.


1. Which Ludo app gives money?

There are nay Ludo apps that give money upon winning and as a sign up bonus. Here are a few Ludo money Earning Apps:
Ludo Bheem

2. Is Ludo Money earning apps real or fake?

No, these apps are legit and are not fake. These are apps that let a user earn for playing on their platform and also allow them to participate in tournaments and cash out big amounts.

3. Can we get money from Ludo?

Yes, one can earn real cash rewards from Ludo, for this, you need to log in and start playing. Various applications let you earn through Ludo.

4. Which online game gives real money?

There are many apps in the gaming market that provide an opportunity to win real cash and that too by playing simple games like Ludo. Here is the list of apps that earn you online real money.

5. What is the sign up bonus for the Ludo app?

It is an amount that a player or a user receives upon signing in the app, different apps have different amounts of sign up bonuses.

6. Which app gives a sign up bonus?

Many apps provide their users with sign-up bonuses of rupees 10, 20 25, 50, and more. Here is the list of a few Ludo apps to Ludo sign up 
Ludo Bheem
Ludo empire

7. Is Ludo cash safe?

Yes, generally playing online Ludo is safe and secure until on plays on fraudulent apps.

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