Ludo Rules: Play like a Ludo Pro with these Rules for Playing Ludo Game

Ludo’s journey is timeless as its appeal, this ancient game from the age of Mahabharata and Ancient India has transcended time and borders and has become a beloved game by everyone irrespective of age. Its rules are simple and its colorful user interface makes it interactive and appealing to the eyes. With the rise of Online Ludo now you can challenge friends and family from anywhere and can also compete in online game battles to win in real-time from Ludo but this all can be possible through strategic planning and mastery of ludo. So today we will look into the guide of Ludo Rules: Playing Rules of Ludo Game Online at Ludo Bheem

Rules to Play Online Ludo in Ludo Bheem

Ludo Bheem Games
Ludo Bheem Games

Ready to conquer the ludo board, Play Online Ludo, and also win some real-time cash? Then playing online Ludo in the Ludo Bheem App is the all-time solution you need. To win and Play in Ludo Bheem one should have an understanding of the rules of ludo game and formulate a winning strategy accordingly.

Online Ludo GameNo. of PlayersRules to Win Points
Ludo TimerTwo PlayerGain more and more points to Win the game within 6 Minutes
Ludo ClassicTwo PlayerBe the first one to Reach Home Triangle with all Tokens
Ludo PopularTwo PlayerBe the first one to reach Home Triangle with even a single Token
Ludo CrushTwo PlayerBe the first one to reach Home Triangle with even a single Token

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Keeping this in mind, let’s understand the rules of the online Ludo Bheem game that helps you win real cash.

  1. Ludo Bheem lets you play between a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players.
  2. Each player is allotted a specific color which can’t be changed between the games.
  3. The rotation of the dice rollout runs clockwise.
  4. A score of 6 is not needed to release a token from its home start position.
  5. The movement of the token happens with corresponding chances a player gets in every turn.
  6. If a token lands on a square already occupied by an opponent’s token, that token is eliminated and sent straight to the home position.
  7. A Token or Goti is safe when it lands on a safe zone block or crosses the end zone.
  8. The prime objective of any player is to get all four tokens to the end central home zone.
  9. If a player quits in between the game, he loses and doesn’t get any amount.

1. Rules to Play in Ludo Bheem Timer Mode

If Craving some speed and challenging experience then look no further than Ludo Speed aka Ludo timer Game mode of the Ludo Bheem App.  This is the paced version of the Ludo Bheem app where one needs to finish the game app in just 6 minutes, the faster you move the faster your chances of winning real money. 

Here are the rules to play in Timer mode of the Ludo Bheem:
  1. First, you need to download the app from the apk file and then install it.
  2. Now, open the app and initiate the game app with its free spin and win a daily bonus feature a user is awarded with.
  3. As soon as you finish with this, put your money bet on what you want to play in it. one can put bets from ₹1 to 500.
  4. Start the game, once you are done with the bet amount.
  5. All the tokens would be ready for you at the start position and all you have to do is to roll the dice and move it in the game.
  6. A user would be awarded points for how many steps it moves in the game. They also will be awarded the opponent’s token movement points if they eliminate that token.
  7. The one who has the maximum number of points at the end of the game would be the winner of the game.

2. Rules to Play in Ludo Bheem Classic Mode

Calling all Ludo masters! Ludo Bheem Classic mode is your chance to turn your Ludo skills into big wins. Challenge other players and compete for a whopping ₹10 lakhs! Download the app today, it’s quick and easy to get started. Plus, all your winnings go straight to your wallet –  so what are you waiting for, grab your phones and start playing and earning now!

Here are Classic Ludo Game Rules to know before you start your game
  1. Open the Application on your device and enter the amount.
  2. In Ludo Bheem Classic mode, a player is provided with the option of creating an Open Table System, where one can play from an amount of ₹10 to ₹5000.
  3. Once a user joins the bet amount you are all set to go.
  4. To start your game, you would need to score a six to get out the token to your starting location.
  5. Now make your way to home by rolling dice and avoiding the opponent’s attacks.
  6. The one who will take all four tokens to the home first will be the winner.

3. Rules to Play in Ludo Bheem Popular Mode

Attention for all Ludo Speedsters, The Popular Mode in Ludo Bheem is all about the lightning-fast moves. This mode is about a quick-fire battle to get just ONE token home before your opponent. So ready to outshine your opponent and secure victory. Don’t wait any longer to join in on this fast-paced fun – jump into Ludo Bheem Popular mode today!

Rules to play in Popular Mode of Online Ludo:
  1. Open the APK file on your device and tap on “Popular Mode”.
  2. Select the amount you want to play with.
  3. Wait for your opponent to join the game. 
  4. In the Gameplay, All 4 of your game pieces will start from start point
  5. You would be required to roll a 6 to get each piece out of its cell and into the game.
  6. To win, you only need to take one of your 4 pieces to the central home zone.
  7. So focus on taking one to the home along with blocking your opponent’s advancing to the home. Use your other pieces to create a block.
  8. Once you take it home, you will be announced as the winner and can withdraw the winning amount to your wallet.

4. Rules to Play in Ludo Bheem Crush Mode

Ludo Crush, also known as Ludo Hunt, lets you experience the thrill of taking out your opponent’s tokens. We provide an exciting and genuine Ludo gaming experience with the lowest commission rates available. Plus, you can earn real money while having fun! Every win adds to your game wallet, giving you more opportunities to play and earn.

Ludo rules to play in Ludo Bheem Crush Mode:
  1. Open up the apk file and select the amount you want to play with.
  2. Wait for the opponent to join and start playing.
  3. This mode has a time limit of 6 minutes, so make sure to finish the game within this otherwise, you will lose it.
  4. All tokens would be pre-located at set locations with the opponent’s one.
  5. You won’t need a six-on-dice to unlock tokens.
  6. The main task is to crush the opponent’s tokens so make sure you do not lose any, also build a safety net for your own token, and use a Rule of 7.”
  7. After the timer is over the player with the most number of kills wins the game.

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Top 9 Rules to Play Ludo Online

Rules to Play Ludo Online
Rules to Play Ludo Online

While the Ludo game is believed to be an easy approach among online money earning games but is not that easy to win, to win in Ludo one should have proper knowledge of the Ludo game rules. Having this would add a bonus to your game profile and will let you earn real cash. Here are the general rules for playing online Ludo games.

1. Ludo Rule for the Number of Players

As per the normal Ludo game apps, two to four players can participate in the online Ludo game. The game is played on the gameboard divided into four quadrants of specific colors and Each player is allotted a specific color from Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. Players can choose their favorite color but they can’t switch it in between of the game.

2. Rule of Token Movement

As per this, to begin the token to move, one would need to secure a six on the dice and once the dice has a six the token is free to move and make movement across the Gameboard. The players are not allowed to move until and unless they secure a six.

Each player rolls dice in a clockwise manner and moves pieces as per their wish after they have opened all tokens with a six. If a player fails to get a six, the chance is passed to the next player, and if they get a six they are awarded another chance to roll the dice.

3. Online Ludo Rule for Extra Turn

According to this ludo rule, one would be awarded with extra chances in the following cases

  • If One gets a six on the dice.
  • Eliminates the opponent’s token.
  • Reach the home.

So make sure you remember these Rules of the ludo game to secure an extra to your dice movement.

4. Ludo Rules for 3 Sixes

It may sound a bit weird but scoring three consecutive sixes is harmful as it takes down your extra chance and the third six won’t be forfeited. Yes, this is the Ludo Rules for 3 sixes which is made to prevent players from gaining the advantage of rolling countless sixes.

Below are some specific applications of the Ludo Rules for 3 Sixes

How to move your pieces when you score six in a row

  • If you roll a 6, you have two choices: Move one of your pieces that is already on the board. You can move it up to the number of spaces you rolled (6).
  • Bring one of your pieces from the starting area onto the board. You must move it to the first space on the track that matches your color.

5. Rule for Eliminate Opponent Token

As per the ludo game rules, if a token of a player lends on the preoccupied square with another player token, then that token or ‘Goti’ will be eliminated and sent back to the start location, and to make its re-entry in the game a player would need another six. By eliminating the opponent token a player is awarded an extra turn and if that gains a six he/she will be awarded another chance. The tokens can’t be eliminated from the safezones, home start locations, and also when the two tokens of the single player are kept together.

6. Rule for Staying Safe

Online ludo has some spaces that are called safe zones and safe spaces, lending on these spaces and squares will keep you safe from the opponent’s attacks and elimination. So try to roll the numbers on dice that lead you to Safezones and also play strategically analyzing your gameboard.

7. Ludo Rule for Winning Points

There are a few online ludo games and App modes that award players points. One starts scoring points as soon as he/she makes a move from their starting home location and continues to earn till they move on the gameboard. In such matches, the player with the highest number of points wins the game and the bet.

8. Ludo Rule for Winning Game

To win in the Ludo one needs to strategically plan their moves making full use of the opportunity to eliminate the opponent’s token, and reach home first before the other player does it. Utilizing the safe zones and making use of every extra turn will increase the chances of one winning the game. Overall Ludo is a game of Luck and skill, if you have both, no one can stop you from winning the game.

9. Rule for Starting the Game

To start the game, players need to roll out a six on the dice, the player who gets it first, goes first in the game and gets the benefit of rolling dice and moving the token freely until the opponents open their token in the game. The turn runs clockwise and shifts to the next if the player hasn’t scored a six or has a token out to move on the gameboard. Each game has its different rules as per the game modes, at Ludo Bheem you can opt for the classic mode where you need a six to move, or can opt for timer mode where all of your 4 tokens are in the state of movement as soon as you roll the dice with any number you score.

Fundamental Ludo Rules to keep in mind before you play Ludo Online

Winning RulesLosing RulesKilling Rules
Move all tokens to the home columnThe opponent’s token lands on yours – sent back to startLand on the opponent’s token – it’s sent back to start
Roll the exact number to enter the homeMultiple captures send the token back to startForm blockades to hinder the opponent’s progress
Exit win if opponent leaves in 2-player gameMiss 3 turns – get kicked outSafe zones prevent token elimination
Score the highest points compared to opponentsScore less – loseTokens in safe zone can’t be eliminated


This was all about the online ludo game rules and how can one play strategically and win a good amount of cash without losing unnecessarily. Though the Ludo Game appears simple still it needs a mastery of playing skills because it is a combination of Luck and skill, So in case your luck isn’t with you, you’ll have your mastery skills which can help you win the game.

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1. What are the basic Rules of Ludo?

The Ludo game is simple yet still a game of luck so to win in Ludo mastering Ludo rules, tips and tricks proves to be a plus point. Basic rules of ludo include moving the pawns and rotting dice clockwise  Here are some basic Ludo Rules:
Block your opponent
Rule of Token Movement
Rule of extra turn
Rule of 3 sixes etc.

2. What are the rules for 6 in Ludo?

If a six is rolled on the dice, the player can choose to open a new token or move the present token for six squares from the play square. Anytime a six is rolled a player gets an extra chance.

3. What are the rules for 3 sixes in Ludo?

Rolling three sixes in a row might seem awesome, but in Ludo, it means your turn ends right away, and your opponent gets to go next. This rule stops anyone from jumping ahead by just rolling lots of sixes. It keeps things fair for everyone!

4. Can 7 players play Ludo?

No, only 2 to 4 players can play in the online ludo.

5. What is the block rule in Ludo?

Block rule in Ludo is nothing but a sort of game strategy to reach home and win easily. As per it, the player tries to block the opponent’s tokens by setting up a trap and then tries to move forward to secure a win.

6. What are Ludo rules for killing?

Ludo Rules for killing means the ludo rules that help in killing and eliminating the opponent token and securing a win. The following can be considered the Ludo rules for killing:
Getting Captured
Block strategy that makes the other player unable to move
Rule of 3 Sixes
Less scores than the opponent

7. What are the safe rules in ludo?

Safe rules in the Ludo are the rules that help you keep the tokens safe, there are a total 8 safe zones on the gameboard which are- the 4 starting squares that are marked with an arrow and the 4 squares marked with a shield.

8. Can one Ludo token eliminate two tokens at once?

No, according to standard Ludo rules, one token can only take out one opponent’s token at a time. If an opponent’s token lands on a square occupied by a player’s token, only the opponent’s token is eliminated and sent back to its starting position. The traditional rules of Ludo do not permit a single token to eliminate two opponent tokens simultaneously.

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