Ludo Safe Zone Rules – Understanding Gameplay Strategy along with the Basics of Ludo

Level up your ludo game with the power of safe zones! These are the safe heavens which aren’t meant for just show these help the players maintain a level of safety amidst the gameplay. They are the secret weapons to fight against the opponents and secure a victory. Safe zones are the safe spots that shield from the attacks of the pawns allowing you to strategize your next move with confidence. Here is the guide to the Ludo Safe Zone Rules, that help you plan your next Online Ludo game strategy and help you become a Ludo master.

What is the Safe Zone in Ludo?

Safe Zone Rules
Safe Zone Rules

The Safe Zone in the Ludo refers to spaces and squares where a player’s tokens remain safe irrespective of the opponent’s token or pawns. In total, there are 8 safe zones in the Ludo, which no opponent can eliminate, these include four squares where a token starts its journey from the home and the other four shield squares where pawns are safe from the opponent’s attacks. Along with these 8 safe zones, there are four separate Home Columns each corresponding to the central home pathway, which includes 5

Safe Square Boxes, these squares of the Home Column can’t be accessed by the opponent and only allow the same color Goti to enter this lane.

What are Safe Zone Rules?

In Online Ludo safe zones are really important spots on the Ludo board when you keep your tokens in the safe zone, it is kept safe from elimination and from getting back to the starting position. Here are the Basic Rules of the Ludo:

  1. If your pieces are kept in a safe zone, they can’t get eliminated or swapped out by another piece.
  2. You can have as many pieces as you want in one safe zone. Even if they belong to different players, they can all hang out there together.
  3. A new safe zone can also be created when a player’s two tokens are placed at a single unsafe square and they can’t get eliminated by the opponent Goti even when he/she lands on the same unsafe zone square.

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The Gameplay Strategy for the Ludo Safe Zone Rules

Step into the world of Ludo, a timeless Board Game cherished worldwide. This classic game offers a surprising depth of strategy, especially when it comes to the mysterious “safe zones.” These havens hold the key to protecting your pieces from the attacks of your opponents.

How to Use Safety Zones to Your Benefit:

  • Use them for protecting the pawns: Use these zones as pit stops to shield your pawns from being eliminated. These allow you to replan one’s moves and strategize without risking losing your best man in the game.
  • Build a bridge: Doesn’t matter if your pawns are stuck at a single location or safe zone, you have the option of using one pawn to create a “bridge” to block opponents’ pawns and utilize the space as per your needs.
  • Planning Your Route: Plan your pathways in such a manner that you create a safe path to reach the home squares. This minimizes the risk of getting captured while navigating the board.
  • Building a Tactical Defense: If you notice an opponent’s pawn getting close to a square you want, place your own pawn on the nearby safe spot. This forces them from moving and makes them roll a certain number to pass your pawn.

Understanding the Ludo’s safe zone areas:

Now that we have understood what are the safe zone areas and how one can utilize them to plan the strategy and rules of Ludo. Let’s get an understanding of the exact places where they are present and get to know where the pawns would be safe from the opponent’s attack.

Overview of the Ludo Gameboard Safe Zones;

Generally in Online Ludo, there are three spaces and zones that form these safe zones, these include:

  • The colored Squares
  • Star marked spaces
  • Home columns
  1. The Colored Squares

These square blocks are spaces that protect pawns from being attacked by the opponent. Once the token reaches these colored blocks it gets immune from elimination, which means that even if now opponent token lends on the same square, the other player’s token would be immune and won’t be sent back to begin from the start of the home position.

  1. The Star marked positions:

Ludo is not only restricted to rolling dice and moving paws, it has some hidden stars as well. I meant by the star squares a Ludo game board has, ever wondered what these are for and why a Goti on it never goes back to the pavilion? Well, it is because these fall under the category of safe zones which offer your pawns a shield against your opponent’s attacks. Once your pawns enter these safe zones, they become untouchable!

  1. Home Columns

These are designated columns in each color quadrant on the gameboard. Tokens placed on these columns automatically get immunity from the opponent’s attacks and strategy to win. These are a combination of 5 squares on the gameboard which leads to the central home. Once a token reaches its Home Column, it is safe from being captured by opponents.

Tokens of other players can’t enter these safety zones providing a user a sense of security, enter this space, and then you will finally enter the main home triangle of the gameboard, here pawns are protected unattached and can’t be sent to the starting position of the game. From here they will only take steps toward victory only.

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Identifying Safe Zones on Ludo Gameboard

Identifying Safe Zones on Ludo Gameboard
Identifying Safe Zones on Ludo Gameboard


Understanding how safe zones work and where exactly they are present on the Ludo Board is important if you want to be a champ. With this guide on safe zones in Ludo, you are all set to plan and use smart moves in the safe zones to master your Ludo Gameplay.

As you play Ludo, keep in mind that winning isn’t just about luck—it’s about being smart and never giving up. So, when you’re rolling those dice, think strategically and aim for victory! Remember, every move you make in Ludo gets you closer to that sweet win. So, keep playing, keep strategizing, and most importantly, have fun!

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Can safe zones help to win the game?

Yes, these can be used to win the game if are played strategically and planned using all the tips and tricks to win ludo.

What is a safe box in Ludo?

Safe box in a ludo is a place that lets the pawn be safe from the opponent’s attack and here multiple player tokens can be placed.

What do you understand about the game of Ludo?

Ludo is a classic gameboard that can be played between two or four players, in this board game players race their tokens from start to finish to reach their central home space.

How many safe zones are there in Ludo?

There are 8 safe zones on the game board excluding the home columns which are placed in each quadrant and have 5 safe squares where only a specific token can enter and no opponents can enter this area.

Can a token be captured in a Ludo safe zone?

No, generally tokens in a safe zone are safe from the attacks of the opponent players, but a few apps may have exceptions, depending upon their user experience and motive.

How can I always enter a safe zone?

To enter a safe zone one should have the exact numbers on the dice required to reach the safe heavens, so in total one can enter safe zones but that depends on dice and luck.

How many pawns can occupy a safe zone in Ludo?

There is no limit on a particular number of pawns that a safe square can occupy, so players have this as their advantage which can enhance the gameplay of the Ludo.

Can different colored pawns share a safe zone?

Yes, the different colored pawns can be used by the different players, and all pawns or Gotis would be safe from attacks.

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