What are The Business Board Game Rules?

The business board game is a classic board game that made us all feel rich in our childhood and I am sure we all have played this game for once in our lives. In this classic Monopoly game, 2 to 6 players go on an exciting journey to become the best real estate tycoon. So if you want to excel in this Business Board game and want to know more about the game then stay with us as we talk about what are Business Board Game Rules and discover about the business a little deeper.

What is a Business board game?

Business Game

Business Board game is a form of Monopoly game, that allows you to roll dice and race around a board, buying properties like houses and hotels. wondering what is the goal of the game then it is to become the richest player by making your opponents go bankrupt! 

Up to 6 players can race on the board allowing them to buy and sell properties. One can collect rent from the opponents who land on their properties leading them to bankruptcy, sometimes a player can land up in Jail but there are ways to get out. The key to winning a game is a mix of strategy luck and proper knowledge of the Business game rules.

What are the top rules of the Business game?

Business board game rules let players strategize and win accordingly helping them reach their ultimate goal of becoming the Ultimate Rich business tycoon. If that’s what your aim is while playing the app then this step-by-step guide is what you need to check as you prep for your next business board game.

Step-by-Step Guide for Business Game Rules in India:

Business Game Rules

Business aka Monopoly is a game of two to four players plus one banker. To begin with the game each player is given an amount of rupees 15000/-. Players begin by rolling two-sided dice in turns and then moving their token on the board accordingly.

1. Game set up

Place out the business board game aka Monopoly on the table and get ready to become a big shot in the Business GST. put all the community and chest cards in places and then pick up your game piece to start at “Go” Whoever rolls a 12 goes first and everyone else waits till their turns. Players are awarded an amount of 1500 as a bonus. If you roll doubles, you get to go again, which can help you move faster. You have to cross the “Go” board on the game board before you buy property in the business game.

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2. Banker and Bank Section

In this game, there is a key player named Banker who is like a money boss and is good with handling money, knows how to run auctions and he/she keeps that money separate from the game’s money.

Additionally one can get money from the bank, The Bank holds the cards and properties that no one owns and has bought yet and never runs out of money, and if needed, the Banker can print more play money.

3. Move around the board

Turns of players unfold when they get a 12, the one who is lucky with 12 gets the first move on the board. All players keep their tokens on the “GO” ” As players move around the board they encounter the various spaces each representing unique opportunities or challenges. The objective of the game is to navigate these strategically, accumulating wealth and making sound investments.

4. Dice rolls

Business is a game of strategy and a playground where one with strategic and calculated risks wins the game. This game of money and financial risks starts with the roll of the dice, which decides which player will board the game first and how many spaces they can move the tokens. Play begins with 12, the highest roll on dice, and then turns moves clockwise.

5. Rent collection

Imagine you land on someone’s property or a spot owned by others that means you owe them a specified amount known as rent- this is like a kind of fee charged by the land owner for citing their property. The amount owed is listed on your title deed card, but if the owner has mortgaged that property they don’t have the right to ask anyone for rent until they get it free from the mortgage.

One can charge double the rent of properties that don’t have houses or hotels built on them, even if one of them is mortgaged. So if you want to get richer, build houses and hotels as they charge double the amount of ordinary properties.

6. Property Development 

Whenever you land on a property you have the option to buy it if thats not a pre-owned property, you can buy it from the bank for the price written on it and you will get a Title deed card to show that you own that for further instances. If you don’t want it, the Banker auctions it off to the highest bidder. The winner pays the Bank the bid amount and gets the Title Deed card. Anyone can bid, even if they didn’t want to buy it before.

Players can buy houses and hotels to make more money by charging them a landing fee increasing their wealth and property assets.

7. Chance and Community Chest

These places on the Business card gameboard are the surprise and opportunity spaces that allow you to draw a card and follow the instructions on it- one might get a surprise of cash rewards or can be asked to go to jail, and then put the card back on the bottom for the next player.

The “Get Out of Jail Free” card is like a golden key! Keep it safe until you need to escape jail or if needed you can trade the card for a quick cash deal.

8. Jail Rules

If a player lands on the “Go To Jail” space they must move their token to the Jail square on the game board. One can land on the jail space only when:

  • Your token lands on the space marked “Go to Jail”
  • You draw a card marked “Go to Jail”
  • You throw doubles three times in succession. 

There is a difference between being “sent” to the jail or just “visiting” the jail. If you land in jail during your regular play you can resume back to normal turns but being sent there has come cons that are listed and to get out follow the procedure:


  • You can’t collect rent
  • You need to move directly to jail irrespective of your token position
  • Turns end immediately 
  • Need to pay a penalty

Things to get out of Jail:

  • Roll doubles 6 in 3 turns.
  • Use a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.
  • Buy one from another player.
  • Pay a 500₹ fine

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9. Winning Rules

To win in the game you should have money and property till the last of the player turns bankrupt. A simple formula to win is to get richer with each turn and turn your fellow players bankrupt.

The game continues till  one player is solvent and has money, one can only lose in the game when they are unable to pay their bank dues, and other players

10. Miscellaneous 

Only the bank has the power and authority to loan money to the player and they can only do it if the player puts up some property as collateral. Players can’t borrow money from each other and they can’t lend money to each other.

How to Play with Business board game In India

  1. Set the stage and unfold the gameboard selecting your player pawns or tokens.
  2. To begin with the game, players need to roll off a 12 on the dice, Whoever rolls double 6 gets the chance to begin the game and other players wait until they score 12.
  3. Scored 12 then you get a chance to move on the gameboard and navigate various spots.
  4. Own a property, if you land on an unclaimed property. You can buy it and become the owner. Collect rent from other players who land on your land.
  5. As the game moves ahead players need to make sure to collect as much as they follow the title deeds.
  6. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins! And becomes the ultimate Business game tycoon.

Business Game GST

Players playing Business Games should be aware that each player would need to pay an amount as a GST(Goods and Services Tax) or a wealth tax upon the creation or construction of new properties. The player would deposit an amount of ₹100 for every house and an amount of ₹200 for each hotel they construct. However, the tax amount wouldn’t exceed a pre-fixed amount of ₹500.

This is what exactly is a Business Game GST or Income tax in the Business Game.


Understanding and implementing Business game rules is necessary to win the game as these are the key rules that can make all the difference in achieving the ultimate aim of being a Business tycoon. Remember that this guide is on simple and easy business board game rules. Focusing on strategic planning, collaborating, and keeping in mind your moves on the gameboard will help you win. keep these rules in mind to stay ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth.

Are you ready to play by these rules and emerge victorious in the dynamic arena of business? The choice is yours. Let’s play to win!

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1. What is the purpose of Business Games?

The business games are designed to mimic real-world business scenarios and also allow the players to develop strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills with a bit of idea about the game and finance real-life situations.

2. What are the rules of the International Business Game?

The international business game rules include strategic planning, critical thinking, and most importantly correct time-based decision making. Although the rules can vary a bit, most things remain in general.

3. What are the rules for making houses in the business game?

To construct a house in the business game, one should follow the below procedure.
If you have properties of the same color you can buy houses from the bank as per the price mentioned.
Place the first house on any property in that color group.
The following houses must go on unimproved properties in any complete color group you own.
Build houses evenly: Start with one house on each property in a group before adding more.
Once every property has one house, you can start building a second row, then a third, up to a max of four houses per property.

4. How to play business games step by step?

To play a business game step by step, you should know how to play and have an idea of basic business rules that let you strategize and win accordingly.

5. What is the jail rule in a business game?

As per Jail rules of the business game, a player that lands on “Go to Jail” space would have to move their token to jail irrespective of their token position. One can end up in jail if:
Your token lands on the space marked “Go to Jail”
You draw a card that says “Go to Jail”
You roll doubles three times in a row.

6. What are the rest house rules in Business game?

Players who end up on the rest house space have to skip their next turn.

7. What are the business game rules for income tax?

As per business game income tax rules, a player would pay an amount of ₹100 when building a house or an amount of ₹200 when building a hotel, the maximum amount can not exceed ₹500

8. How many players are in a business game?

The number of players in the business can vary but generally, there are two to seven players or participants in the business game. The number of players is described as per the game’s complexity and game build-up.

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