Top 10 Games Like Candy Crush to Play in 2024

Calling all Fans of sugar and puzzles! Are you starving for a fantastic vacation with lively hues, fulfilling obstacles, and delightful victories? The exciting world of match-3 games is the only place to look for if you are a game enthusiast. A world full of satisfaction and gratifying gameplay awaits you where every match flares juices of excitement, and thrill and will keep your taste buds and keep playing all year long. 

If you want to live childhood again and relive those childhood memories of playing Candy Crush then stay with us till last as this list of Top 10 Games Like Candy Crush to Play in 2024 will have what you might have played in your childhood and bring those memories to life again. Buckle up and get your smart devices charged

Top 10 Games Like Candy Crush to Match in 2024

If candy crush has left you feeling a bit sugared out  then look into our top 10 match three games to play in  2024. These games have got sparkly jewels and brainstorming puzzles that will keep you entertained for long hours. So ditch the old candy sugar rush and embrace the new sugar rush. Get ready to crush the competition with these fantastic game a likes that will give you a feel of candy crush but are totally different in every aspect so without a delay let’s get started.

1. Candy Crush Friends Saga

Candy Crush Friends Saga
Candy Crush Friends Saga

Ready to join your favorite characters of Candy Crush on a new adventure then this is the perfect game to choose. What Candy Crush game is like if doesn’t cater to its favorite features so Match colorful candies collect boosters and clear different challenging levels to keep the excitement and thrill alive.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a fun game for fans of the original Candy Crush, with new characters, exciting gaming mechanics, and a variety of challenges.

2. Bejewelled Blitz

Created in 2010 this game is considered a pioneer of all of our favorite Candy Crush games in the puzzle genre and paved the way for the Candy Crush saga establishing the core mechanics and gameplay similar to that of Candy Crush. It features colorful games and also has a feature that makes this game quite addictive as it challenges a person to keep scoring high in a minute and reaching levels by completing different objectives which keeps the game interesting.

Bejewelled Blitz is one of the best match-three puzzle games available on several gaming platforms, offering a unique gaming experience. Its fast-paced, aesthetically pleasing, and responsive main gameplay constantly ranks it in the top three of the genre.

3. Farm Heroes Saga

Farm heroes saga is an online free to play  app that is just like candy crush. This is a fantastic puzzle game which allows players to have fun while collecting as many cropsies one can. Help fidget  the squirrel, collect his nuts and harvest some cropsies along with having fun for hours. This is a match 3 puzzle game which collects cropsies and helps the farm heroes.

This app is developed by the makers of the candy crush saga  and has over 50M+ downloads and a rating of  4.4 stars which proves its popularity and builds an authenticity base and can be trusted as an alternative of the candy crush if you are bored of playing  and eating those sweet candies. So  now help the  farm heroes and enjoy a healthy crop while having tons of fun.

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4. Two Dots

Two Dots
Two Dots

Technically this is more of a match-four game than a match-three. You get a board full of colored dots. It’s an amazing multiverse journey with lively colors, difficult riddles, and cuddly characters. Accompany two courageous dots as they go off on an adventure through enigmatic castles, flaming lava rivers, and more. To score great you need to follow some strategies like connecting lines and squares and to excel in it you need to plan and play cleverly to win.

Two Dots appeals to a wide range of players, including both experienced gamers and casual puzzle fans. It’s a compelling option for anyone looking for a fun and interesting mobile experience because it skillfully blends adventure, challenge, and leisure.

5. Threes


 If looking for something, not ordinary yet simple and easy to play, then Threes is the game you need to look for. Although when you first play it this game seems like you’ll have to do a lot of mathematics in it but it’s as simple as playing Candy Crush. But with a bit of a simple twist in place of candies, animals, or jewels Threes asks you to match numbers. Sounds interesting and happening then get that phone out of your pockets and start picking up numbers to score high in numbers.

Threes is a basic puzzle game that is surprisingly easy to play yet incredibly difficult to master as it asks you to arrange numbered tiles in a specific order to make triplets as you move from one level to another.

6. Candy Blast Mania

Another ultimate candy collecting puzzle app, helps the candy collecting girl and her dog to  defeat the evil gummy bear. Get ready for the sugar rush and immerse yourself in the magic world of the match 3 puzzle games.

Discover magical combos and unlock different levels of sweetness while practicing your skills for becoming the ultimate candy master. form magical combos by transforming and exploding gummies to create deadly sweet candy combinations and walk through the sugary mystical path by clearing different levels.

If you think you need some sweetness in your life then have some candies at this candy blast mania and quest your sugary  thrust.   Thrilling gameplay  and breathtaking mysteries are waiting for you in the sweet world.

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7. Puzzle Quest

Puzzle Quest goes beyond the typical match-3 game, offering an immersive RPG adventure where each match propels your character’s journey. Dive into a quest teeming with mythical creatures, potent spells, and intricate puzzles as you navigate vibrant worlds and overcome formidable foes. Every battle presents you with a series of tactical options that let you increase the strength of your attacks, obtain defensive enhancements, or gather materials for potent spells. Select from an array of character classes, each possessing distinct skills and ways of playing. Depending on the situation, take on the role of a brave warrior, a crafty wizard, or a sly rogue.

8. Jewel Mania

Jewel Mania
Jewel Mania

A popular puzzle-solving game is available on the app store which involves matching colorful jewels and further progress to another level. One can win well by playing with strategy and then using special diamonds to destroy all specific colored jewels when combined correctly. To excel at the game you should be better at learning new techniques and making effective strategies to beat the competitors. This game is exciting as it allows you to compete with different players in the challenges presented. Overall this is a boon to all puzzle solvers who want to engage in mindful creativity and love brainstorming. 

9. Match Land

Match land is a fun puzzle game where you can run your own little shop and sell stuff to adventurers and fantasy creatures, but with a twist you would need to fight the monster by matching three things. Though it is sort of a matching game but is different from the ordinary matching games. After making a move you get a bit of extra time to keep moving fast and the more pieces you match the more damage you do to the  monster.

When you win battles you get resources to upgrade your shop and unlock new heroes. Overall Match land has awesome graphics that keeps the game exciting, keeping things pretty unique and entertaining.              

10. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga

A tile matching game available on various platforms including Android, iOS, and also on Windows phones. 

One can switch to various levels while joining Tiffi and Mr. Toffee on their journey of playing adventures. This game features different game modes and colored candies where players need to match those colored candies to move further in the game. Players are offered various features like special candies, striped candies and color bombs that let you create powerful combinations.

Overall this game lured massive success with trillions of users playing online which allows users an engaging sweet challenging app to boost their leisure mood.


If you have been a fan of Candy Crush and love match-three puzzle games then the internet world is filled with countless options of puzzle games similar to Candy Crush waiting for you to explore. From the competitive world of Jewel Mania to the charming world of Bejeweled Blitz there are many alternatives to the Candy Crush app. The game world has a plethora of options to choose from. These Top 10 Games Like Candy Crush to Play in 2024 are the games that have made its players go crazy online and provide a mix of strategic mechanics and fun sweet candies adventures.

So, dive in, match those cookies, gems, or candies, and discover your new game like candy crush this year.

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