Top 5 UPI Withdrawal Games without Investment

Who doesn’t want to earn extra be it you or me, we all look for options for extra side income methods to generate a passive income and meet our financial needs, So if you are the one looking for a side hustle and money earning apps that promise to pay a good amount of money without costing you anything, not even much of your time and desk work then stay with us as we talk of our Top 5 UPI Withdrawal Games without Investment in this blog and by the end of it you would be surely convinced to proceed with any one of these or who knows all of them, 0without a further delay lets start exploring best UPI withdrawal apps that will pay you real cash.

List of Game Apps that have UPI Cash Withdrawal Without Investment

If you are Looking for a game UPI Withdrawal Apps to earn some cash online without investing much time and money then here are ample app choices that you can try to build a cash flow straight to your accounts.

Earning money has become so easy nowadays and what would be a better option than earning it online that too by following some simple steps or even working for minutes? With the advent of UPI in India online transactions and the gaming industry have taken up the boost allowing individuals to turn their leisure and fun time into earning profitable gigs and earning opportunities from online money earning Apps.

Anyone from any field or career can look up to these Gaming apps for real money which promise to offer services like Instant payout apps. You can simply download these UPI withdrawal games without investment in India, and start your earning side hustle journey today.

TOP 5 UPI Earning Apps Without Investment

Here is the list of the top 5 UPI money earning games that will help you with good potential earning. These are upi withdrawal games and can be accessed from the Play Store, IOS, and also from the website itself. Further in the blog, we will discuss all about how to play and earn from these upi withdrawal games online.

S.No.App NameDownloadsSign-up BonusReferral BonusRatingMinimum Withdrawal
1Ludo Bheem1M+5104.850
2Free Cash1M+₹50₹204.13,000 coins
3Toloka10M+N/A20% of the task price 4.1$20
4Teen Patti100M+N/AN/A4.3100
58 Ball Pool1B+₹25N/A4.5N/A

1. Ludo Bheem:

Ludo Bheem

The Ludo Bheem app is the best among the Ludo Upi withdrawal games and is for all those classic Ludo lovers who love to spend their leisure playing Ludo. Still, it comes with a twist: it offers a signup bonus and a Unique feature for all the Ludo lovers which is its Daily Free Spin and Win Online feature allows users to win an extra amount besides playing bets and games.

It has four different modes– Ludo Timer, Ludo Classic, Ludo Popular, and Ludo Crush, one can choose their favorite mode and start playing for a big potential win of almost 10 lakhs a day.

Ludo Bheem features:

Below are the exclusive features of the Ludo Bheem App which ensures great gameplay that too in a safe environment.

  • Deposit and Withdraw Money
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • RNG & Technology Certification
  • Safe and Secure
  • Play 24/7
  • Refer & earn

How to play and Earn from Ludo Bheem – Ludo Upi withdrawal game

To earn from the Ludo Bheem follow these steps and don’t forget to cash out your earnings as this app offers instant UPI withdrawal and features different payment gateways to make the withdrawal process easy and seamless.

Pros and Cons of the Ludo Bheem App

Easy to play: You can play Ludo anytime, anywhere with friends or online.Risk of getting hooked: Playing too much can take up too much time and might not be healthy.
Social fun: Connect and play with friends and family online.Less popularity: this app isn’t very popular among gamer audiences yet
Variety: Ludo offers 4 different game modes for extra excitement and challenge.A personal face-to-face interaction feature is not yet provided 
Easy to learn: Ludo has simple rules and an easy-to-use interface.Limited chat feature
Variety of features: This app offers features like spin and win and also has a lottery ticket feature that allows users to interact and earn more.NA

To play this app follow these basic steps and start earning Today

  • Open the Ludo Bheem App.
  • Pick your favorite mode and select your all preferences regarding players, game mode, battle compete, token color, etc.
  • Once done with this a personalized screen will appear on your screen.
  • The game will start with each player rolling the dice one at a time.
  • Now all you have to do is to win by defeating the other opponents, you can attack their tokens or move fast to reach home first.
  • Whosoever reaches home first with all 4 tokens wins the game and money.
  • In the case of a Tie, the player with the highest score wins the game.

2. FreeCash App:

FreeCash App

Discover the fun of playing games along with winning rewards and exciting real money earning opportunities with the CashFree App. One can earn money by competing in the games and by filling up surveys. Users can choose from the maple of gaming options on the website and can earn cash, cryptocurrency, and even gift cards. This app is a trusted app with an average of 70K users playing each day and has an average per day payment rollout of $17.53 for a fresh new user.

FreeCash App Features:

  • Offer the Highest payouts.
  • Provides a facility for Instant cashouts.
  • Has a different category to choose the reward type you would like.
  • Variety of game options.
  • Has a feature of buying cryptocurrency in rewards.

Pros and Cons of FreeCash App:

Legit platformData collection can be a problem
Decent ratingPlaying online can be addictive
Ample optionsCharges high fees for payouts
TransparencyLack of customer support

How to Play and Earn from FreeCash upi Withdrawal Games

  • Register an account on FreeCash with your E-mail.
  • Read the task description and press start.
  • Complete the task now.
  • Receive coins and use the shop.
  • Select your payment method and choose the option of cashout.
  • Climb the leaderboard(top users would be paid an amount of $500 per day and $2500 per month)

3. Toloka App

Toloka App

Earn money online and make a significant cashout in your bank wallets. Toloka App is among the Top UPI Withdrawal Games without Investment and is a user-friendly platform that offers a variety of tasks that a user can complete from anywhere, whether be it the comfort of your home chairs or being out. Playing and earning from these platforms doesn’t require many skills all would is needed is a smartphone facilitated by an internet connection.

So choose your next task from the variety like verifying business information offline, or tackling online projects like checking website accuracy or video compatibility, and start earning money.

Features of the Toloka app

Toloko’s key features are

  • They provide 24*7 customer assistance
  • Has an AI chatbox to resolve all sorts of  queries
  • Have a referral program that allows you to earn as well

Pros and Cons of the Toloka Online Earning App

User-friendly appInstructions for the game aren’t clear
Provides short training for tasksPayout procedure is time-consuming
Quick earning potentialCan be frustrating at times
Legit and trusted platformRequires consistent effort to maximize earnings
Simple and easy tasksLimited customer support availability
No limitations on the number of tasksSome tasks may lack variety and become monotonous

How to play and earn more on Toloka-Money earning App without Investment

  • To start earning from the platform a user would need to register themselves on the platform
  • After completion of registration, a short training video would be provided to a player to help a person play and know, how to complete a task.
  • You can pick a task and complete it to be rewarded.
  • To earn more, one needs to finish as many as tasks possible and then get rewards in return
  • Make sure to read all the instructions carefully, before you start any task.
  • To earn more you can use its refer and earn feature and get a referral bonus.

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4. Teen Patti Gold:

Teen Patti Gold:

This Teen Patti card game is basically of Indian Origin and has a rich history, which is played online with digital advancements. It is a classic three-card poker offline experience transformed into a digital mode, allowing players from anywhere to connect and enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Now don’t think much about how it’s different from the offline card game, well to be honest nothing has been changed except the mode of playing, all rules and regulations remain the same just a little twist that this Teen Patti Game now allows you to make some cash in your pocket while not doing much of physical Labor.

Features of Teen Patti Game-Online Rummy 

  • This offers an all-in-one approach and is a combination of Teen Patti, Rummy, Poker, and Andar Bahar.
  • Supports Multiplayer mode to ensure competitiveness 
  • It is easy to learn and play
  • Has easy ways to earn chips 
  • Supports multi-language and ensures better connectivity.

Pros and Cons of Teen Patti Rummy Game

Interactive user interfaceApp has numerous bugs
Real-time Teenpatti gameplayConnectivity issues
Easy to learn and playChip value is automatic, can’t be selected
Weekly challenges and eventsWin chances are low
N/ANo help section provided

How to play and earn from the Teen Patti Gold App:

  • To play, first download the app, you can directly download the app from the Play Store or choose to download it from the website.
  • Once you download and install the app, register yourself and make an account for the playing.
  • Now select the player’s numbers or choose the game type you want to play
  • Now until you enter the showdown the game will continue till the pot limit has been reached to a maximum limit.

To earn money from Teen Patti, wins bets and also join the referral programme that will add bonus to your account.

5. 8-Ball Pool Game

8 Ball Pool

8Ball Pool app is not so uncommon app, it’s a favorite app among billiards enthusiasts worldwide. This app offers a fast-paced environment with exciting challlenges every day. 8 Ball Pool is a16 ball game on a table that has players facing off in singles or doubles matches. 8 Ball Pool isn’t like those slower games like snooker or billiards. It’s all about quick wits and clever moves. In India, it’s a big million-deal game with millions of folks playing it, whether online or offline.

Features of the 8 Ball Pool app:

  • It offers various bonus code that allows you to earn money
  • Has a great user interface
  • The graphics appear to be real
  • Has high-security data protection techniques to help keep your data safe

Pros and cons of the 8 Ball Pool game

Game replay feature for sharingSlow graphics
Lucrative referral programThe game process lags intermittently
Easy installation and gameplayConfusing and misleading hints
Allows users to earn big via referralsHeavy paywall

How to play and earn this money earning app without investment

  • To play this app you would need to install an app on your device and then register to start playing.
  • Once you register yourself on the platform, you will be eligible to play
  • Now move your billiards and score them in circles on the table.
  • You would be required to send a couple of balls with specific numbers
  • Once you send them all in the circular spot you will win the game so make sure you do it before the timer runs to the end

How to earn money through the 8Ball Pool App

You can also make money through the referral program of this app, invite your family members and friends to join you in the race of this game, and earn a good amount of money. 


Gorget waiting for the cheque or salary pay, you can now earn a good amount of money with UPI withdrawal games, and you can turn your virtual wins into real cash instantly. The happiness of earning from leisure time and without doing hard work gives another level of satisfaction and if that satisfaction is your expectation then you can play these Top 5 UPI Withdrawal Games without Investment. But before you jump in, make sure to focus on safety, different game options, and great customer support for a fun and safe gaming time. So, get ready to up your game and join the fun of UPI withdrawal games, where your gaming skills pay off in real rewards!

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How to earn 1000 RS per day?

To earn 100 rs per day one can try the below-mentioned apps and methods:
Data Entry. …
Content Writing – Earn 1000 Rs Per Day
Virtual Assistant – Earn 1000 Rs Per Day
Social Media Manager
Freelance Graphic Design and Programming.
Online Educator

Which game is best to earn money without investment and offers UPI Withdrawal?

The above-mentioned are a few among the list of UPI Withdrawal Games without Investment and one can try out the following to cashout their next leisure income from these- Ludo Bheem, FreeCash, Toloka, Teen Patti Gold, and 8 Ball Pool.

Are money making apps fake?

No, the money making apps are not fake and are legitimate ways of making money, But before you install any money earning app make sure to read its terms and conditions and ensure safety and security.

How to earn money at home?

One can earn money at home from various means and one such means of generating such income is by playing online money earning apps that promise to pay a good amount in your wallet, besides these upi withdrawal apps, one can also rent out unused space in their home, become an online tutor, can be part of market research and fill surveys conducted by Swagbucks and Toloka App.

Which is no 1 earning app without investment?

Here is a list of the top 10 earning apps without investment, which you can start today and without spending a penny on it:
Ludo Bheem
Google Opinion Rewards
Adda 52
Paytm first games

How to earn real money?

To earn real money one can definitely check some online real money making game apps like Ludo Bheem, Mpl, Winzo, Teen Patti, etc.

How one can withdraw money earned from real money making apps in India?

To withdraw money from the real money making apps in India, you just need to simply click on the cash payout feature and then select your payment method, you can choose UPI WIthdrawal to let that money earned from the apps directly transferred to your account.

Which is the best trusted earning app?

With the advent of technology and UPI earning money from online earning apps has become easy and anyone can earn from these applications from anywhere in this world, here are a few best-trusted earning apps that one can refer to while searching for the best earning apps without investment and with UPI withdrawal- Ludo Bheem, Meesho, Swagbucks, Toloka App.

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